For Buyers

We are your advocates during your entire home-buying process. We do not have “teams” with many assistants; you will always deal with and communicate with your agent all the way through the process.
Do you need help sorting out the process of buying a home? We are here to answer all of your questions.

Services Provided to Buyers

  • Listing Alert: set up a custom search of all listings in the Greater Rochester Area. You will receive brand new listings in your email inbox.
  • Help to qualify you for a mortgage with a local lender.
  • Set up appointments for home tours.
  • Write purchase offers and help negotiate price, terms and conditions of offer.
  • Arrange home inspections required by the contract.
  • Negotiate with the seller regarding any necessary repairs per the home inspection report.
  • Advise you of your present house if making a contingent offer (subject to the sale of your property).
  • Arrange additional inspections required by the lender for financing.
  • Set up a final walk-through of your new home just prior to closing.
  • Offer advice and counseling regarding the home buying and moving process.


This consists of taking the preliminary steps for the loan application process. The mortgage lender will “qualify” you for a loan based on your credit, income, assets and debts. This process is usually free of charge and can often times be done over the phone.

Many sellers ask for a “Pre-qualification letter” when submitting an offer. It is helpful to have this step done before your home search begins.


Reflect on how much you can afford before beginning to look at houses.
How Much Can I Afford?
Estimate Your Closing Costs.
Estimate Your Monthly Mortgage Payment.

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